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Determining If a Dog Door Is Right for Your Home

If you’re a dog owner, there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for your dog. You take care of them when they’re sick, take them to the park when they’re well, and even take them to doggy day care and parties so they can hang out with their friends. If you have a house with a fenced-in yard, then you’ve almost certainly thought about getting a dog door. Before shopping for a dog door for sale, here are a few things to think about.

The Type of Dog Door

When selecting a dog door, it’s no longer one size fits all. Since there are several different kinds of human doors, there’s a dog door to match each kind. If you have a sliding glass door, you can get an insert that’s just for your dog. While these are effective, they lack the insulation of other kinds of dog doors. The flap door works for most any standard door. Installed in a door (or a wall), flap doors usually come with covers that can be secured in place for security or to keep your dog from getting out when they’re not allowed. Electronic doors, meanwhile, provide a high-tech alternative to the traditional dog door. Designed to open in response to a computer chip contained within your dog’s collar, electronic doors won’t open any other way, so they provide extra security.

Safety Concerns

Dog doors are an added opening in your house that can also potentially let wild animals or intruders in if precautions aren’t taken. First, it’s important that dog doors only be placed far away from any han-dles, so an intruder can’t use the dog door as a means of entry. If your dog is big enough, keep the height of the dog door high enough to keep out smaller critters, and of course, any dog door you have should have some means of locking it. A few simple accommodations such as these, and a new dog door will never compromise the safety of your home.

Energy Loss

All dog doors have the potential to result in wasted energy. With an additional opening allowing cold or warm air to enter and exit freely between a home’s interior and the outside world, the door’s installa-tion alone can result in higher monthly energy costs. The good news, however, is the advent of insu-lated dog doors which are energy-efficient and come with an airtight seal to prevent cooled or heated air from escaping.

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There are enough options when it comes to dog door that there really is a dog door that’s suitable for every household. If you know you want a pet door but are unsure what kind would work best for you, contact Danjo Windows and Doors at (888) 495-3410. We’re experts at all kinds of doors, including flap doors, sliding glass doors with dog doors, as well as sliding screen doors with dog doors in Orange County. If you’re ready to provide you and your dog the added freedom and flexibility that comes with a dog door, don’t hesitate. Give us a call today!

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