Old dog looking out dog door

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Pet Door

A dog door can be a convenient addition to your home, giving your dog a little more freedom of moment. When you get a dog door for sale in Orange County, CA, though, then it’s time to train your dog on how to use it.

Picking the Right Door

An often-overlooked step in the process of training a dog with a pet door is to figure out which one is right for him. If you get a custom dog door in Orange County, CA, you can find a good door exactly to the size you need. Vinyl is often the easiest choice for the frame, and one of the most durable. This is also time to measure your door and use that, plus company information, to find out how big you need it. Otherwise, the pet might get stuck and have a bad experience.

Helping Your Pet

Many dogs dislike new sensations, which is why, for instance, not all dogs will go through the tunnels on an agility course even if they have the energy and drive. In this case, the dog has a foreign object pushing against his head, and he’s expected to push back. It would be weird for us as humans, even if we knew what it was for, but dogs don’t even have that luxury.

Besides that, many dogs are trained not to push against things or try to get through barriers. This may be a good thing in general, but the dog will need to learn that this is an exception to the rule and that it’s okay for him to be doing this. For these reasons, after you first get your dog door installation in Orange County, CA, it might work best if you help your dog a little at first. If you hold up the door as he’s going in and out, it can familiarize him with the door and let him know that this is his passageway.

Old dog looking out dog door
Aging dog and aging home. Dog peeks out of his run down home complete with flap and window. Door need painting.

Encouraging Your Pet

Even after you look through dog doors for sale in Orange County, CA, and find the perfect one, a dog can still be reluctant. You might have even tried luring him through with treats without any success. This is the first thing that most people try, and with good reason. Many dogs are very food motivated.

However, every dog is different, and some dogs are more motivated by toys or play time with you or even praise. You need to figure out what drives him so that you can use that as a reward. Even within each category, you might need some trial and error. For instance, a dog might like or dislike certain treats.

Working Up

When you buy dog doors in Orange County, CA, you shouldn’t expect that everything will happen at once, or that your dog will figure out the door on his own. You should schedule a series of training sessions with your dog to help him get where he needs to go.

They need to be long, and frequent enough to make an impact, but not so long that your dog gets bored and loses focus. Most dogs respond best to training sessions about 10 minutes long a few times per week. During these sessions, be patient with your pup and let him try to figure it out. It’s usually a simple matter once your dog gets the hang of it.

If you want to figure out what is the right sized door for your dog, contact Danjo Windows and Doors today.

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