Things to Consider Before Installing a Sliding Glass Dog Door

Dogs need to be able to easily access the outdoors. This will allow them to go to the bathroom or run around without needing your supervision. The best way for this to occur is by installing a sliding glass dog door. Before you can complete this installation, there are several decisions that must be made, ranging from the size of the door to safety measures. If you’re looking to buy dog doors in Orange County, CA, here are a few things that you should consider first.

Find the Right Size

While it may seem obvious, the most important consideration when it comes to dog doors is the size. You’ll need a door that can easily fit in your doorframe and one through which your dog can easily move. If the door is too small for your dog to fit through, they won’t be able to use it. You also need to consider the size of your doorframe so that the door can properly attach to it. The best way to find the right fit is to measure both your dog and the doorframe.  This will ensure that you have the right measurements when you start looking for the door. You should also consider that your dog may grow larger as the years go by. Buying a door that is slightly larger than your dog will allow you to avoid purchasing more doors later on.

Choose One That’s Easy to Train

While allowing a dog to easily access the outdoors may seem like a good idea, many pet owners overlook the training aspect. If your dog has never used a dog door, or sometimes if they’ve had a different style, it may take time to train them to use it. Being unfamiliar with the door will make the pet hesitant at first and it may take time before they are comfortable entering and exiting through the door. Look for a door that will be easy for them to get through. For example, if your dog is small, the door should open closer to the floor, where they can easily step through. Be patient while your dog gets used to the new door, as it may take a while until they’re comfortable with it.

Consider Safety

Finding the right dog door can have positive safety effects on your house and your family. If you have children in your house, they may attempt to make their way through the door, potentially getting stuck and injured. A heavy plastic door will help to ensure that only the dog is able to get through it. The door should also include a locking mechanism. Leaving your door unlocked could allow intruders or wild animals into your home.


While some dog doors are easily moved, others are meant to be stationary once installed. You might want to consider a portable dog door, as this will keep your home safe and your pet happy when you go on vacations. With the right door, you can easily take it out of the doorframe so that you can securely lock your home and take it with you so your dog can use it on the vacation.

Dog Coming in From Outside Through Dog Door

If you would like an easy way for your dog to access the outdoors without you opening the door each time, you should consider a custom dog door in Orange County, CA. Buy dog doors in Orange County, CA to allow your dog the freedom that they desire.

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