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Types of Dog Doors for Cold Weather

Magnetic Seal

One of the major issues with standard dog doors is that they don’t completely seal, allowing chilly winter breezes to blow right inside. But nowadays, most dog doors have magnets set into the bottom of the door flap, helping to keep it closed. Of course, weak magnets won’t do much to fully seal a door, but if the magnet is strong enough, it can make a surprisingly big difference in blocking out the cold.

Double Flaps

Most homeowners know that double-paned windows will offer significantly better insulation from outside temperatures. The same concept applies to your dog door. If there are two flaps over your pet’s door—one on the inside and one on the outside—it will be much better at insulating this opening into your home. In fact, it’s even possible to have three flaps installed if you feel you need the extra insulation.

The Right Materials

Certain materials are simply better at insulating from the cold than others. For example, vinyl—a commonly used material in dog doors—can flex and shrink in the cold. This makes it difficult for vinyl flaps to properly seal in cold weather. If you’re considered about energy efficiency, look for more temperature-resistant materials, such as polyolefin-based polymers that won’t crack or degrade in the cold.

The Right Size

There are many reasons that it’s important to purchase the right size dog door for your pet. Obviously, if it’s too small, your dog won’t be able to get through it safely. But if it’s too large, you’re creating an unnecessarily large hole in your door or wall, providing the winter chill with an even larger access point into your home. So, be sure to measure your dog properly and get a pet door that is just large enough to accommodate them; that way, you’re not compromising your home’s energy efficiency any more than is necessary for your pet.

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Getting the Best Door

If you’re looking for the best pet door to keep out the winter elements while still letting your pet move freely in and out of your home, contact Danjo Windows. We can build you a completely custom dog door with any or all of the features mentioned above to provide you with the best energy efficiency you can find in a doggy door. If you want to buy dog doors in Orange County, give us a call today and let us know what we can create for you and your beloved pet.

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